TDKR Overheard

The 2012 superhero epic about Batman's struggle to overcome the terrorist leader Bane, as well as his own inner demons.
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Not sure if you guys will take this thread on or not, but I had a really good laugh yesterday in the theater overhearing some people with no idea what TDKR was. Here are some things I've overheard from people who clearly don't spend their free time hanging out on forums on website devoted to Chris Nolan. What losers (haha).

"The Dark Knight Rising comes out in a few months."
Seeing the new poster -- "Oh wow is that a new Batman movie? I didn't even know they were making one."
"I haven't seen any advertising at all for it. You'd think it would be everywhere."

Have you heard any good ones?

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Who is Bane? Who is Tom Hardy?

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I've heard a lot of similar rumblings. It's great. I still have conversations with friends who ask if Robin or the Riddler is in it or if Two Face is coming back. Oh the ignorant little people :lol:

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Batman 3

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Well, I heard (at the Avengers opening night screening that was sold out) these people do something funny. The manager came into the theatre and said "THIS SHOWING IS SOLD OUT! THANK YOU FOR CONTRIBUTING TO THIS THEATRE! AND I BELIEVE BATMAN'S ATTACHED TO THIS ONE!" And then he winked. We go through each trailer. Prometheus, Expendables, Spidey, Men In Black, and then the movie. TDKR trailer 3 was not shown. At the end of the movie these people left the theatre to get the manager to play TDKR trailer 3 so we could all see it on the big screen. The manager said, actually we can't show it, cause we have to get ready for the next showing (which was an hour away). So the guys say "...Ok." They go back to their girlfriends and say "That wasn't fair. Where was the fucking DKR trailer? I'm going to get my money back. That was bullshit."

Dad always calls TDKR "Batman Rising." IDK if he's doing it on purpose.

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bane? I thought nolan chose ridler?

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Mr. Caine wrote:bane? I thought nolan chose ridler?
What happened to Joker?

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I think my favorite thing is being in the theater when TDKR trailers pop on and hearing a few people gasp or go, Oh my god YES!

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Went to see MiB3, they ran the second trailer before it (for some reason our theater never got trailer 3). Some kid a few rows behind us with his lady friend:

"That was the sickest movie of all time, yo."
"The first Dark Knight movie was sick as fuck."
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"When's it coming out? Was it next year?"

-My father, who is a big fan of The Dark Knight and saw it at the cinema.

Well, to his defence, the marketing has sucked. At least internationally. By this point four years ago things were very different.

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