Your Nolan Collection and TDKR blu-ray

The 2012 superhero epic about Batman's struggle to overcome the terrorist leader Bane, as well as his own inner demons.
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A place to showcase your Christopher Nolan collection in any format or media. VHS, DVD, Blu-ray, books or anything else. What do you have of Nolans show it off here in a picture or by listing it in a post.And also a forum to talk about TDKR Dvd and Blu-ray release.
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-Following DVD
-Mementos 2 disc DVD, original Blu-ray release and 10th anniversary edition
-Insomnia DVD, Blu-ray
-Batman Begins DVD, limited gift set, Blu-ray, Blu-ray steelbook
-The Prestige DVD, Blu-ray
-The Dark Knight DVD, batman mask edition, Blu-ray batpod, Dvd and Blu-ray steelbooks, limited circuit city journal edition and normal Blu ray
-Inception Blu-ray and Blu-ray steelbook

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Why is this in the The Dark Knight Rises forum?

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In protest of nothing TDKR in this Nolan Box Set say what you have. Sorry

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Batman Begins - DVD
The Dark Knight - DVD
The Prestige - DVD and a VHS recording off of FX
Inception - DVD
Memento - Netflix Instant Streaming (NIS)
Insomnia - NIS
Following - NIS
These Amazing Shadows - NIS

I have the 2nd COWL/BANE DKR poster as well as 3 fan posters for TDKR.

I have Batman Vs. Bane and it mentioned TDKR on the back of it.

I have a BB Batman/ninja quick change action figure.
And a BB helicopter.
And a big Tumbler set that includes a crashing train fight sequence. (purdy cool)
I have a TDK movie master of both Scarecrow and Batman.

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My other media

-Inception shooting script
-pre order TDKR soundtrack and novelization

-The Dark Knight joker poster and flyer

-Inception Dvd poster, theatrical poster, blockbuster one sheet

-Inception bootleggers version (bought in China town)

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What should be on TDKR Blu ray besides the film. And it the final film maybe a commentary or something special

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They still make DVD's?

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Blu ray is the best Dvd is whit but nice and Vhs is slowly coming back

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ryan4butler wrote:Blu ray is the best Dvd is whit but nice and Vhs is slowly coming back
who the fuck

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