Episode 14: Car Fights - February 23, 2010

Here you will find everything that has anything to do with our podcast. This includes topics of discussion on the show and polls that we'll frequently mention.
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Episode 14: Car Fights - February 23, 2010

In this episode:

Teddy and Alex talk about Christopher Nolan's possible involvement in the Superman franchise, David S. Goyer and Jonah Nolan writing Batman 3, Leonardo DiCaprio calling Inception a "High Octane, Surreal" film, The Movie Preview Critic's Inception movie preview review, and the first Production Still from Inception. All of this, again, happening in front of a live Internet audience, don't miss it.

Show notes:

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i flipped when you mentioned my thread was mentioned, the non-linear one.! :D :lol:

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Cool :thumbup:

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