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Ep49: Paranormal Activity: Ghost Protocol - Oct. 21, 2011

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Alex and Teddy talk with guest host JC Blass about the the recent The Dark Knight Rises prologue rumor, filming on Wall Street, and the Christopher Nolan outtake from the documentary "These Amazing Shadows." They also spend some time at the end of the podcast talking about a couple of films that await us in the remainder of the year.

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I dunno, for me it's just... the opening of a film is sacred to me, and having that ruined for me always makes me feel like I've lost something. I'd rather see a 6 minute sequence 20 minutes into the movie than the opening. Does that make sense?

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I see your point of view about the opening of a film being really special and sacred, but watching a random sequence doesn't do anything for me. That's what Cameron did for Avatar Day, and I couldn't have been less excited or involved in a movie theater. I think it's easier to engage an audience member with an opening sequence.

It seems clear to me that Nolan designs these sequences to be shown on their own and work, and yet still be just as effective and fresh when shown as a whole with the rest of the film. At least that's how I experienced it with Dark Knight. If seeing the prologue affected how I watched the whole negatively in any way, I wouldn't dream of seeing another prologue. But instead I got two of the most memorable theater experiences of my life with seeing the prologue and then the full film months later.
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Nice job on the podcast :thumbup:

Looking forward to the Oscars edition. This'll be an interesting year to predict. There aren't many (any?) standout films that have released this year and the ones I wish would be in high consideration (particularly Contagion) aren't getting any buzz.
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