Episode 39: AOL Keyword: Nolan - April 12, 2011

Here you will find everything that has anything to do with our podcast. This includes topics of discussion on the show and polls that we'll frequently mention.
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TeddyBlass wrote:My ticket stub collection probably goes back to 2007 or so -- which would make around 100 stubs. I also have an Excel spreadsheet that details which movies I've seen, which theater I saw them at, what time, how much I paid, and what rating I give the movie. I know... it's nerdy. :geek:
It's called nice, not nerdy. :)
Nice podcast btw.

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Nice podcast guys! I always love listening to the Batman themed discussion.

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I really enjoyed listening to this. Great job! :thumbup:

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Great episode as always, too bad about the sound though.

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