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Episode 37: The Cobb Job - February 16, 2011

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good stuff.
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that would be awesome if for once, ,only, wally would be the guest :D :thumbup: :thumbup:
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nice stuff
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Oh, and that question wasn't "selfish". People had begun appropriating Chris's name for an endorsement he did not make, and it was vital that the issue get settle once and for all, if only to avoid future legal problems.
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You guys confused me when I heard Cris hanging up on Skype - thought it was my own Skype doing something :P
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Cris was funny throught out the whole podcast, but I'd never forget those lines from Teddy, “Yo, Nolan! I run your fansite, bro.”. I was in bus while listening to this and I laughted out so loud that everybody in the bus looked at me and they were like, “Dude is out of his mind.”

Every podcast has had a guareented level of fun, but this one went out to whole diffrent level. Kudos to the trio. And would love to hear Mr. Cris (I haven't talked to his publicist) again.

No offense intended to anyone.

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