Episode 5: OmgAwesomeSauce - August 21, 2009

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The trailer music sounds a lot like Always a Catch from The Dark Knight's score. Does anyone know if that track was actually used in the film?

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AlexHaas wrote:
chee wrote:How long does it usually take to get uploaded to iTunes?
It's up on iTunes immediately after we announce the episode release. The only problem is that they only update the podcast's main page a couple times per day. Once this is updated, then we can give you guys the URL to the podcast.

If you want to be sneaky, subscribe to the podcast and once you see that a new episode is released, go to the "Podcast" section of your library, right-click on the Nolan Fans Podcast, and hit "Update Podcast." It'll then start downloading the newest episode for you. :)
Yea, I subscribed when I downloaded the first episode. ;)

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