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Episode 4 Poll: What movie should we discuss?

What movie should we discuss? Insomnia or The Prestige?

The Prestige
Total votes : 11
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In Episode #4, we'll be having our first ever "Nolan Fans Podcast Film Discussion." *echo* *echo* *echo*

We'll have our first guest host, Cris Mertens, on this episode to discuss either Insomnia or The Prestige. In previous episodes, we found ourselves unsure which film we were going to discuss, but we've narrowed it down to these two. Now, it's up to you! What movie are we discussing? Vote now!
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I voted for Insomnia because I'm a rebel. :D
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Insomnia. 8-)
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Broke the tie, went with Prestige.
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We're definitely not making this easy on you guys. :twisted:
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So ultimately they're gonna review Memento :D
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Are they gonna be discussing the diffrences between the two films and book (Insomnia Sweedish and American/The Prestige Book and film)
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and it's all tied up again :lol:
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