Episode 30: Rumoring - November 3, 2010

Here you will find everything that has anything to do with our podcast. This includes topics of discussion on the show and polls that we'll frequently mention.
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Teddy and Alex mull over the idea of Warner Bros. wanting an Inception sequel and excitingly discuss all of the recent The Dark Knight Rises announcements.

Show notes:
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Great podcast guys!

I don't think we'll have to wait 25 years for a new Batman movie though. My guess is after The Dark Knight Rises we'll get one sometime between 2016-2018. It's possible that the new director will pick up where Nolan left off, rather than starting his own story.

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I'm hoping that WB just does those animated movies. I like those.

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Excellent Podcast as usual.

I really can't say what the future will be of Batman films after Nolan. I am pretty certain there will be a lengthy hiatus. Part of me wants more and part of me doesn't. I do think if they continue even if they're not quite TDK good their gonna be taken more seriously for sure.

What I would want to see in future films is more stand alone, one shot movies where Batman is established as an absolute assuming the audience knows everything about him. Chris made the ultimate Batman origin story. I'd be seriously amazed to see someone try and top Chris in that aspect. I really can't see how someone could tell Batman's origin better than Batman Begins did.

And I think the series works better for me in regards to the title if you think of Begins as a prelude to The Dark Knight and TDK Rises. In which case Batman Begins is truly appropriate because it Begins this story of The Dark Knight who eventually Rises as the Guardian of Gotham. Of course I'm assuming an idea of redemption in reference to Rises but in truth "Rises" could mean anything and its going to be interesting to see exactly what the word Rises really entails in the next film.

You guys had a good way of looking at the villains in pairs and who might fit well together. I'm surprised you guys didn't really mention Black Mask & Catwoman cause as far as pairs go I feel they go best together when I think of the list of likely villains. They already have a chemistry in the comics for the film makers to draw from. Of course it is possible we may be only getting ONE villain and that's Tom Hardy's character maybe.

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Great podcast! Fun to listen to as always! :D

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It's always fun to listen to all podcast, but this one is really something special! May be it's related to how we're gonna talk for next (almost) two year.
I've heard it more than 6 times. I loved the way you guys ended thir podcast. And I'm fan of Teddy's music. It's always brilliant.

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