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Episode 3: All Over The Map - August 3, 2009

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Episode 3: All Over The Map - August 3, 2009

In this episode: Alex and Teddy discuss the Warner Bros.' "Global Production Commences" Press Release, Gary Oldman's loose lips at Comic-Con San Diego 2009, and David S. Goyer's response to more Batman 3 questions.

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Good as usual guys. Great info there, but I still think itps too silent and you were like "slow motion". Hehehehehe...
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It really surprised me that you talked about Flash-Forward and mentioned Lost. I'm a huge Lost-fan, so I really liked that part of the podcast :D
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Bedfordshire is pronounced

Bed ferd sh er

Just to let you guys know.
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BTW love Guy Pearce as well, my fav actor and you should watch LA confidental, The Proposition and The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert if you want to see him at his best. The Road has him and Viggo Mortensen in it and is based on a good Cormac Mccarthy book.
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Thanks for dropping my name in your podcast... THREE times! I'm honored.

Anyways, good podcast, keep up the good work guys!
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I'm going to listen just to hear how they pronounce Bedfordshire. :clap:
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To be fair it's easy to mock them apw, if I tried to pronounce some of the Russian Ice Hockey players, I would pronounce most of them wrong.
They also have a Birmingham in America and we pronounce Birmingham diffrent to Americans (They pronounce their Birmingham "BirmingHAM" and we pronounce it "BirmingHUM").

I think they made a good guess to be fair to them, if I was American I would have got it wrong lol.
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I wasn't mocking. I thought they said it fine.

Re. Tokyo - Sometimes when they do a really short amount of location shooting it is classed as pre-production. Pre-production starts before principal photography. So when Warner say principal photography began on July 13th that doesn't mean that no shooting happened before that.

It is curious as to why they didn't meant Tokyo at the start of the press release with all the other locations.
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You could be right, but there was that photo that was on this site of Nolan and two other actors. They could be rehearsing for an action scene in Japan like they did in Chicago with The Dark Knight.
They did a practice in Chicago for the Hong Kong drop where Batman jumps off the building. But they had to do it digitally as the Hong Kong authorities said no to them.
They did the scene in Bedfordshire using green screen, which was a bit obvious to be fair.
The production crew said they were a nightmare to work with and I wouldn’t have been amused if I was Nolan.
Especially he tries not to use CG effects in his films.
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