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Here you will find everything that has anything to do with our podcast. This includes topics of discussion on the show and polls that we'll frequently mention.
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Which genres/types of films to you see Nolan tackling in the future? Any personal wishes for what he would/could make?

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Just a request - PLEASE try and avoid spoilers for non-Nolan films! I haven't seen Moon and luckily forwarded through that section, but I'm just asking out of courtesy. :angel:

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Will try. If we do get into spoilers, we will post it in the description - like we did with this last episode.

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TeddyBlass wrote:Will try. If we do get into spoilers, we will post it in the description - like we did with this last episode.
Thanks :thumbup:

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What's your fav guilty pleasure film of all time. Mine is Howard the Duck

If Nolan didn't do Batman and did Superman instead, how do you think he would have approched it?

A pet monkey or Chewbacca from Star Wars?

If you had to move to another country, what country would you choose and why?

Which of Nolan's fav films do you think is the best?

If you had the opportunity to kill Hitler when he was a baby, would you kill him?

Do you feel that Chris and Jonah Nolan were robbed of an Oscar for Memento?

How low would you go for a million Dollars?

Harvey Dent, do you think he's dead or alive?

Hollywood has just bought the rights to your life and they are looking for a director and a story.
Who would direct the film to your life and what would be your story in the film?

Nolan's unmade projects (The Exec, Mr. Hughes, The Keys to the Street) which one would you hope to see one day and which one would you want him to throw in the trash can.

C'mon guy's you know you want to answer all of my questions lol. It will make a classic podcast,

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Haha. We'll try to get to them. We need to make a compilation of all the questions that we haven't answered.

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Good man :clap:

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Well, since we're on the topic of weird and off-topic questions, I'll shoot off a few:

1 - What is your favorite movie?
2 - What is your least favorite movie?
3 - Who is your favorite music artist?
4 - What is your favorite food?
5 - Do you prefer Disney Land or Universal Studios in Florida?
6 - Who is your favorite actor?
7 - Have you ever considered doing a video blog for Nolan Fans?
8 - If you could have any superpower, what would you choose?
9 - Have you ever considered posting opinion editorials for Nolan Fans?
10 - Will you ever give-in to rampant advertising on the Nolan Fans site?

Hey guys...Just some questions to consider for your next podcast. They're not really that in-depth, you could answer them "rapid fire".

1. What is your favorite Chris Nolan movie?
2. What is your favorite scene from a Chris Nolan movie?
3. What is your favorite performance from a Nolan movie? If it's Ledger, also name your 2nd favorite.
4. Other than Chris Nolan, who are some of your favorite directors working today?
5. Do you think Chris Nolan is still an underrated director? I think this statement is somewhat true even with the success of TDK because he has yet to be recognized by the Academy, and I also think his work-style of making films every 2 to 3 years hurts his popularity a little bit. I'm not saying it's bad that he takes so long on his projects, I just think he is still an under-appreciated talent.
5. This last one might be a little bit more in-depth, but basically I'm just curious what your expectations are for Inception. In my opinion, I really think this could be his masterpiece. If you look at it, it has all the resources he could possibly ask for to possibly make his best film ever. He has $200 million to bring his mind to the screen. This is all his original work (unlike Batman movies which are adapted screenplays), and he has a brilliant cast. I am expecting an incredible film.

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This may be way over the mainstream movie audience, but i have a few questions regarding more film study/theory approach to Nolan's films.

Question 1: Do you consider Christopher Nolan to be an auteur? (definition of an Auteur is a director who has a unique style and vision for his/her films that can be used to categorize their films. simply put, you know it's his film without the directors name appearing in any credits.

Question 2: If you guys are some of the few Nolan fanatics who have seen his works prior to his reboot of the batman franchise?

Question 3: Do you believe that there is mise en scene in The Dark Knight or any other of Nolan's films? (Definition of Mise en Scene is when a film has a unified design and no errors have been made and the fictional world presented is accepted as real.

Hope i get picked and i have written a few essays for my school regarding Nolan's films. I am currently working on a philosophy paper using Memento as a the topic. And yes, i do know there is a whole book of essays entitled "Memento and Philosophy." I am currently reading this collection of essays and so far my idea hasn't been mentioned as a full essay. the title of the paper I'm working on now is called "Memento's and Truth" and is going to discuss the philosophical idea of truth and reality in terms of memento. but enough about my nolan based accomplishments.

here is my Auteur Paper on Nolan. i wrote my last year of high school in my film studies class. I am taking the same type of class now, in college and i want to make this one bigger and better.

and to the guy writing the nolan book. I don't know why i didn't think of doing that. I'm hitting myself over the head for not thinking of it. what type of book is this going to be? Biography, Collection of review and articles about his movies? As i've stated before i have a few essays on my computer. they're nothing to write home about, but my teachers and professors seemed to enjoy reading them. (for all the Nolan essays i have used for school related assignments, I have about a 3.4 GPA with just these papers. So my writing style is up to par and i don't struggle with writing. So if you need an article i'd be happy to pitch in. just let me know how i can help.

Great website. I haven't listened to the podcast yet, but it looks promising. i wish this was around when i first started doing research on nolan for my original auteur paper.

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