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Podcast name?

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Right now we are going under: The Nolan Fans Podcast.

Yea, it works. And it's simple.

However, we'd love to know if you've thought of a cooler name! If you have, post a reply with the title suggestion and why you like it. If we get a enough cool submissions we will start a poll where the titles could be voted on; the winning title becoming the official name of our podcast!
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Batpodcast? :D

I think that's too obvious... :D
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I think that TNFP is fine.
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Nolan Fans Podcast. Simple and right to the point.
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I was thinking of this title mainly because of the discussions in the other forum but it would be neat to use "The Hard Cut" as the name of the podcast. I think it's one of Nolan's favourite styles so I think it's a nice title for it. :lol:
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Oh... I think Hard cut would fit just great. Or something with cuts and etc. Great idea, warrior!!!
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"Nostalgic Nolan Podcast"©

give me money :twisted: Just Kidding

but seriously feel free to use the name if you are still looking for names.
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I like the current podcast name.

But, another cool name could be You Know the Guy Who Made Those Kick-Ass Batman Movies? Yeah? Well, This is a Podcast About Him.
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You could make it a working title like Rory's first Kiss and Oliver’s Arrow, something that relates to Nolan and twist it a little, sounding like a title to a song.
I think Ian Rankin names his books after songs or albums.
Maybe a character from his film like Leonard Shelby and Detective Dormer worked into the title.

Leonard's Last Memory
Dormer’s wakening
Bruce’s everlasting grief and anger.
Borden and Angier's obsession.

I’m personally happy with the current name of Nolan’s podcast
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