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Episode 24: Slap You Through The Internet - July 14, 2010

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Love the title of the podcast!
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Cool :thumbup:
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Nice episode. :clap:
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Downloading a lil late. Have to get ready to go to the showing in minutes.

Wearing Inception Tee I ordered from you guys! :mrgreen:
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Great podcast guys. :thumbup:

Totally agree with you guys about the shotgun in the TDK bank heist. Absolutely stunning in IMAX sound.

I haven't seen the movie yet but I have fallen in love with the score after 3-4 listenings. I'm not sure how well it will fit in with the visuals, but I'm interested to see. I also agree that Nolan is probably too good for Zimmer. I like Zimmer but he kinda rehashes his sounds. That's the good thing about the Inception score though. It's pretty different from a lot of his other stuff. I hear some Blade Runner/James Bond sound in there, which is great. :D
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you slapped me through the internet :lol: ;)
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the flash drives apparently contained the final trailer in 1080p.
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Awesone, fun cast. Can't wait to hear next one.

Listening to soundtrack yet AGAIN. I love the Time track. What a great ending sequence for the film. 3rd viewing coming soon. :mrgreen:
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Nice episode! :)

What is the outtro music?
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