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Episode 23: Jank Town - July 12, 2010

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In this episode:
Alex, Teddy, and guest host Jesse Ferraro talk about the Nolan Fans Inception Sweepstakes, 7 new TV Spots, an Inception press conference, the first reviews of Inception, 4 new film clips, the Man of Steel director rumors, and video from the World Premiere of Inception in London. There is no shortage of news or hilarious side tangents in this wild episode of the Nolan Fans Podcast.

Show notes:

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Is this going to be the last pod before the release?
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You dirty rotten liars!
Your not drunk at all
Not even a little bit. :lol:
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Downloaded :thumbup:
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discoveringuy wrote:Is this going to be the last pod before the release?

No. We'll record another for a Thursday release.
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Doesn't seem to be able to play?
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Nice one dudes
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movieman1005 wrote:Doesn't seem to be able to play?

Give us more details. Works for me.
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Great podcast guys! By the way, I ordered the Dream Machine shirt a couple of days ago and already got the email that it's been shipped. So I'll definitely have it in time for Friday! 8-)

Keep up the awesome work!
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