Episode 65: Super Inside Trading

Here you will find everything that has anything to do with our podcast. This includes topics of discussion on the show and polls that we'll frequently mention.
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On the newest episode of the Nolan Fans Podcast, hosts Alex Haas and Teddy Blass discuss the teaser trailer for Interstellar with guest host JC Blass. The trio also discuss awards season, the passing of Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Paramount's exceptions to their all digital distribution commitment.

The Nolan Fans Podcast is a bi-weekly/bi-monthly podcast hosted by Teddy Blass and Alex Haas. It has been running since July 2009. With over 100k downloads, the podcast is the largest and longest running podcast about director Christopher Nolan and his films. You can stream, download, and subscribe in iTunes below. Enjoy.


Regarding Oscars, I'm upset that Rush didn't get any recognition: Sound Editing, Sound Mixing, Best Supporting Actor, Cinematography, Best Director, and even Best Picture. Instead Captain Philips and American Hustle are just being super overhyped, not they're not good films but I'm not sure they deserve all these recognition. I even liked Zimmer's score for Rush more than Man of Steel or 12 Years A Slave. I personally wish Christian Bale was nominated Out of the Furnace instead of American Hustle.

Regarding Philip Seymour Hoffman, I totally agree, what a sad event, he never disappointed in any of his roles, especially the roles he did for Paul Thomas Anderson. I totally wish he was in a Nolan film, you guys remember there were rumors right after TDK he'll be the Penguin? Now I wish he was in TDKR.

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Does JC know that George Costanza, is not his real name?

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the_red_ninja wrote:Does JC know that George Costanza, is not his real name?
Lol yes. In fact before the podcast started we were talking about Jason Alexander's hairplugs.

Have you guys watched HER? I had no idea the DoP was Hotye van Hoyteman until I saw his name on the end credits. I really, really loved his work and all excited for his work for Nolan.

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