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Episode 57: Two Dummies and a Guest Host

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Have been a reader of the site for some time and finally decided to register. Great job on the podcast and hopefully you keep more of them coming. :gonf:
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Awesome! Welcome to the forums. I'm glad you enjoyed the podcast. We'll have a new episode up every other week.
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Great job. Can't wait for the next one.

Also an interesting thought. What do you guys think of sort of a Q&A segment of the podcast? Like the NF community can ask general questions about movies/nolan projects/the site, and you guys can kind of use that as a jumping off point to shoot the shit about. Just an idea I thought would be cool.
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Awesome pod episode. Nice to see you guys are just as psyched about Interstellar as I am, and hearing Vader's voice was very interesting (To me, he sounds like Zach Snyder if Snyder had a South African accent).

I'd love to appear on the pod at some point, if you can find a high quality voice communication app that doesn't mess up my voice of course.
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