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Threshold wrote:Hello Nolan Fans! I love discussing movies in general, but Nolan has pretty much created my love of film, so a forum discussing the brilliant man and his movies is magnificant.

I live in Australia, so I'm already guessing I'm in the minority of users.

My favourite Nolan Film? They're all at worst, great, but I'd have to choose Following. Just the bets (official) debut from anyone.

I'm a relative young'un (17) but I hope it doesn't hinder my opinions in any way.

So, hello!!! :twothumbsup: :goNF:
Hello! Nolan also opened my eyes to the wonderful world of cinema. Welcome to the site

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Hi everyone, loving the site :)

My name is Liron, I'm a 25 years old Media & Law student from Israel. As I wrote on my Memento topic under Fan Art, I've been a fan since Memento, met Nolan twice (once at the Batman Begins premiere and once one on one in London randomly on the day of the Inception premiere, which was a dream come true though rather embarrassing). I also wrote an academic essay about him and made a short version of Memento for an international contest (and I'd love it if you guys went and voted for it.. it's under the Fan Art forum - don't want to spam lol)

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Welcome Lalyil. I look forward to your contributions to this community. :wave:

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the_red_ninja wrote:Welcome Lalyil. I look forward to your contributions to this community. :wave:
Thank you very much :)

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8-) :batface:

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Hey Nolan fans! I just joined this site recently. I have been a huge Nolan fan since Memento and I really can't wait until TDKR releases! Glad to be here and hoping to meet new people! I'm also a big TF fan :D Well just stoppin by to introduce myself.

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Hello everyone! My name is Joseph...
WOW....I have been looking a site like this,something about Christopher Nolan and his work. But fortunately I found a completely website with Nolan fans,chat,forums...etc..etc.

How I become fan of Chris Nolan? Let's take the clock back to 2000. I remember my cousin talked to me about Memento,that he saw it the other day and told me marvelous things about this epic film. I watched. Love it! But I started to follow Chris Nolan after watch Batman Begins and The Prestige. And then start reading about his works and watch his others works like Insomnia,Following,The Dark Knight and of course Inception,which is my favorite Nolan film. I really can't wait for July 20 for The Dark Knight Rises!!! :twothumbsup:

Actually I am a theater art student. I live in Miami/Florida. My passions are European football(I don't like to call it ''Soccer''),music,Anime,travel,skydiving,theater and of course: FILMS!

I started to love films since I watched Blade Runner for the first time in 1990 when I was 5 at that time. After watched the film,my life was never the same and I said: I want to do that!!!
Actually Blade Runner is my favorite film of all times and Ridley Scott is one of my favorite directors after of course Christopher Nolan and Steven Spielberg.

Well I hope make new friends here and chat about Chris Nolan and his work. Feel free to contact me. :-D

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Welcome newbies. :wave:

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Hi to all you n00bs

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Hello everyone, I'm darthnazgul. I got into Nolan and subsequently back into Batman after watching Begins with my Dad (who had already seen it 5 times at the cinema, probably the most he's ever done for the initial run of a film). The only two feature films of his that I haven't seen are Insomnia and Following, but I'll try to get round to them some day. Inception is my top favourite film, with the other films of his scattered around my top twenty. Apart from Nolan, some of my favourite filmmakers are Stanley Kubrick, Edgar Wright, Charles Chaplin, and my favourite film studio is Pixar.

Looking forward the TDKR and discussing with you all.

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