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Nolan Fans Member of the Year

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oh shit fuck what

well goddang teddy and co. this is pretty fucking rad. thank you. ill try to keep up whatever it is im doing lol :gonf: :gonf:
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fuck you braked
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Yeah whatever. Blow me Braked.
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yo am i like the mace windu of NF now
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Nice Braked! I guess you're going to be purple af for the rest of the year lol
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Last year we instated new rank/badge for the NF user of the year. Someone who promoted constructive activity. Someone who kept an open mind and shared opinions and ideas without belittling others. Someone who was positive and represented the best of Nolan Fans.

This year we believe that honor goes Pratham. He is one of our top users, and exemplifies all of the qualities we mention above. Congrats!

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Well deserved.
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