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Nolan Fans Member of the Year

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People have suggested we instate new rank/badge for the NF user of the year. Someone who promotes constructive activity. Someone who keeps an open mind and shares opinions and ideas without belittling others. Someone who is positive and represents the best of Nolan Fans.

We agree. And this year we believe that honor goes TehBatGetsBraked. He is one of our top users, and exemplifies all of the qualities we mention above. Plus he successfully completed his One Movie a Day challenge - which is amazing!

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Literally no one else is more deserving yo :gonf:
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Talli should have won this years ago. :P :lol:

Congrats TehBatGetsBraked you cool cat
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A truly deserved win.
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fuck you braked you bitch you are gonna win this every year wtf
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MyCocaine was robbed smh. :roll:

But congrats to the victor! :gonf:
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Congrats Braked. :clap:
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Great choice.

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no u
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