Is Nolan's Tenth Film on the Horizon??

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This tweet aligns with one of McCrabb’s previous tweets, implying that Nolan’s next project would be an original that he has written himself. The quotation of “comprehensive draft” is also a good sign, that an announcement (at least) is upon us, soon.

Another hopeful sign is a Nolan-spotting in Europe, specifically in London two weeks ago. He was seen with Pakistani film producer Ali Murtaza. Possibly looking for filming locations?

Any true fans of Christopher Nolan has been expecting news about a new project for a while now, if only for the simple reasoning of consistency. Throughout Nolan’s career, there is the average of two years between each feature film’s release. Thus, Nolan’s latest film Interstellar was released late in 2014, so naturally we expect a 2016/2017 release. Only time will tell.

Let the speculation commence...

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Exciting times yo.

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Cilogy wrote:Image

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Its most likely an original concept if its been under the radar for this long.

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I need iiiiiiiiiiiiit

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Damn excited :gonf: :gonf: :gonf:

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Rohit Shimpi wrote:Damn excited :gonf: :gonf: :gonf:
im sorry dude but indians are not allowed here

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