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Third Trailer for Interstellar Debuts Online

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The third trailer for Christopher Nolan's Interstellar has debuted online via the Official Site. It requires you to enter an access code. That access code is: 7201969. You might recognize that as shorthand for July 20, 1969, aka the date Apollo 11 landed on the moon. We hope to have an embed up on our site soon, but until then head over to the Official Site to check out the trailer in all its glory!
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YT Link.

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Jessica Chastain was right when she said it is really emotional.
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Fantastic! Although,I still know nothing! Really cannot wait for this one,haven't seen the great scifi Epic of my generation yet,should have known Christopher Nolan was going to make it.
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I think this will be it.
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Definitely emotional as you said.that's what makes Nolans films special,he always has that strong emotional core in the film.since having kids any father/child relationship in a film really gets to me.think this ones gonna make me bawl!
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Any more news on the soundtrack? Is the piece in trailer 3 a Hans Zimmer original?
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Found a site that claims it's original Hans Zimmer music not excerpts from the V for Vendetta soundtrack like the teaser and trailer 2.but I haven't heard anything definite yet.
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Oh wow. Absolutely gorgeous.

Loving Hoyt Van Hoytema's work. Definitely seems like Nolan made a good choice with him.

And that cast... perfect. Chastain is Murphy grown up?
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