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Interstellar at Comic-Con, and Trailer 3 News and Rumors

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Last week we posted a rumor about the 3rd trailer for Interstellar being attached to Hercules. We knew the trailer had been classified and was getting ready for release, but what nobody really knew was what movie it would be attached to. The Hercules rumor quickly became less and less likely, and news that it would instead be attached to Guardians of the Galaxy became more prevalent. And then at the Paramount panel at this year’s Comic-Con, Matthew McConaughey and Christopher Nolan surprised everyone by answering some questions and showing the newest trailer early for fans in attendance.

Due to the mid-summer release schedule of Nolan’s previous blockbusters, the filmmaker has never attended the popular annual event. “I’ve heard a lot about this really being a place where people are most passionate about movies and popular culture in general, so I thought I’d come see what all the fuss is about,” he mentioned. “I’m not disappointed and I’m extremely honored to be here.” After speaking a bit and answering a few questions, the newest trailer played and was extremely well received by the audience. Reports state Nolan was his usual self and kept from revealing too much about the film, and really spoke about it and his inspirations and aspirations in broad terms.

A new rumor suggests that there is an alternate version of the latest Interstellar trailer that will be approximately three and a half minutes long. It will be the same as the one screening before Guardians of the Galaxy, but will additionally feature interviews with various scientists and astrophysicists. I’d assume Kip Thorne would be one of said scientists, but its anyone’s guess at this point. The 3rd trailer will be released online this Wednesday, but there is no word on whether or not the alternate trailer will be released online as well. There is also no evidence that the trailer will play anywhere on 70mm IMAX, like the 2nd trailer did, but rumors suggest Christopher Nolan was trying to make that happen.

Guardians of the Galaxy hits theaters next Friday, August 1st. Fun fact: This is the third 3rd trailer for a Christoper Nolan movie to screen before a Marvel film. Can you name the previous two? Post your answer below!
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Teddy, that alternate 3 and a half minute trailer is an extended version of the December teaser and played at SDCC just before McConaughey took the stage. Release outside SDCC seems unlikely.
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Is the answer to the teaser Iron Man 2 and The Avengers?
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time1989 wrote:Is the answer to the teaser Iron Man 2 and The Avengers?

:clap: :gonf:
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