Production Update #1: Why We Won’t Post Unofficial Photos

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This is a welcome move! Of late, a deluge of trailers, TV spots, stills, and set photos have started to really dilute the viewing experience. I've begun to stay off trailers and spots at least. It's amazing to know that I can now visit this site without ever having the fear of getting spoilt! :gonf:

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Robin wrote:If we got anything at all from WB or Paramount in next few months I wouldn't ninja pictures. I get that Nolan never will be like Peter Jackson and give us blogs or videos, but it would be nice to get a behind the scene pic here and there. I don't seek spoilers, I just want a glimps of my heroes at work. I don't see how that would hurt the production. At all.
Even if Nolan was doing blogs and vids like PJ you'd still look for ninja pics. I respect Nolan's decision on not revealing anything before the movies is done. If I spoil myself (like I did on TDKR) I just blame myself. I understand that the only reason why Nolan is doing this is that I can enjoy his movie even more. I made a mistake on TDKR, won't happen again.

PJ can blog about Hobbit because a lot of people read the book so no spoilery stuff there (and there is so much green screen on his sets), Interstellar on the other hand, we don't even know who is playing who except for McConaughey. I hope they'll manage to hide it until the trailer is released.

Teddy and Alex, I'm happy with your decision.

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