Nolan Fans 4: OMG Finally

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Hey everyone,

Big changes are coming to Nolan Fans this weekend. It's finally happening.

We've got a ton of new things ready to roll out and some that aren't ready quite yet. To ensure maximum possible smoothness, we're going to be launching bits of the website incrementally. Here's what you can expect.

June 1st: The new NF4 design drops. This means there's a new front page, new forums, new everything, for the most part.

Later in June: The new NF Chat page drops. This chat page will be integrated with your forum accounts and will be totally awesome.

Late June / Early July: A Nolan Fans mobile web app will be released along with responsive updates to the NF4 design.

July: The Nolan Fans Podcast resumes. (!!!)

Later in July: New Films pages, new Media section.

More on the forums... Everyone's signatures and avatars are getting nuked. Signatures will be disabled at launch, but they'll be back sometime during that first week. If you guys want to get ready, the new avatar dimensions are 360 x 200. (That's width x height. No GIFs.) Those dimensions are extra huge for hi-resolution displays. :]

Over the next few weeks, there will be a huge likelihood that some things around the site will act a bit wonky or not work at all. Most definitely in the forums. We've cleaned things up a bit and removed some features that you guys might want back. We'll open threads to discuss these things so we know how to meet your needs. We all use the forums a bit differently. We'll be updating the site daily to address this.

We're launching most of this stuff without it being completely done. We just want to get it out at soon as possible so we can establish a feedback loop and achieve an "everyone wins" situation.


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Sounds great!
Especially the app!
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Especially the app!

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so cilogy is gonna come back on june 1st

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Excited I am.

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Good bye gif Avatars. :|

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Bacon wrote:Good bye gif Avatars. :|

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Cool beans! Looking forward to it

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Sounds great!

Gif avatars are gone forever though? :cry: