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I repeatedly asked Teddy and Alex what was going on with this, but they don't seem to reply on it anymore. I decided to start this up on my own.

We're almost at the end of 2011 and we tried to pick this up earlier this year. That failed, but here it is again! This time a little more simple. The Nolly Award is the award for the best projects in the Aspiring Filmmakers section. There are 3 catagories: Best Short Film, Best Unproduced Screenplay and Best Misc Video Project. These are the basic rules for the Nolly Awards 2011:
-The project must have been posted on NolanFans in 2010 and is not allowed to be posted on other websites earlier then 2010.
-At least one of the basic crew people (writer, director, producer) must be a member of NolanFans.
-All projects that are posted on NolanFans and follow the rules are in the competition.
-Every member is allowed 1 vote per catagory on his or her favourite project. This may be his/her own project.

Since this has all been quite far back (it's about the projects from 2010) I have a list with all topics from the nominated projects:

Best Short Film:
-LocknLoad by Crazy Eight
-Good Cop Bad Cop by Crazy Eight
-Writers Block by dagn96
-The Transaction by Delta0Medusa
-Letters On The Lake by Crazy Eight
-Zig Zag Part 1 by TheManInTheBox
-Free Refill by PaulKanter
-The Book by #1fan
-De-Timed by Shaman
-A Comrade's Silence by Shaman
-Wake by Bat-Dan

Best Unproduced Script:
-The Youth Enterprise by movieman1005
-Morai by Brendan M.
-John's Dream by Erik
-Lucid by #1fan

Best Misc Video Project:
-Untitled Film Pilot (Fake Trailer) by Christophmac
-Reservoir Dogs In 60 Seconds (Reanactment) by The_Meastro
-Following LEGO trailer (Fake Trailer) by dagn96
-J-Talk (Documentairy) by #1fan
-l'Incassable (Fake Commercial) by I Am John G
-ABC Little Shots (Fake Commercial) by #1fan
-Ascane (Fake Commercial) by movieman1005
-Apologies (Fake Music Video) by Crazy Eight

-Only #1fan is nominated for all 3 catagories.
-Crazy Eight and #1fan have both 4 and therefor the most nominations for their projects.

Voting topics will be created soon. You will have one week to vote, but you can rewatch/read all project now, so you can make a good vote! May the best Aspiring Filmmakers win!

If there are any questions about any kind. Please PM me. Before you PM me about your project that might not be included, check if your project followed the rules. Thank you!

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This sounds good!!!! must be done!

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Nice, I'm going to be voting!

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May I ask, why Hysteria is not included in Unproduced Screenplays? I ain't checked dates, has to do with that?

Another thing: I suggest to add the need to still be online to be eligible. For example, Clairvoyant is down, I wanted to check it out and I can't.

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Hysteria was first posted in 2011, so that one will be included in the Nolly Awards 2012.

I'll PM Crazy Eight about Clairvoyant. If he's not able (or willing) to upload it agian, it will be taken off the list. I haven't checked all links yet. I did watch al misc-video projects yesterday. They are all up, except for Apologize, but there is a new link a little further down the topic.

EDIT: Clairvoyant is off the list.

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This sounds pretty awesome. I want to be in the 2012 Awards! :goNF:

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Erik wrote:Hysteria was first posted in 2011, so that one will be included in the Nolly Awards 2012.
I hope Somnium, Universe Sequence are considered too!

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#1fan's screenplay that is listed as 'The Book', is not called 'The Book'. I just found out that it is a different screenplay named 'Lucid'. The list will be edited.

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Oh wow im in everything, not bad ;)

Got alot of assignments to cram but i'll be voting on everything soon. I recommend you all do the same, at least watch the damn short films!

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