Actor showreel - how do I get it to Chris?

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Hi all,

I'm new to this board, so excuse me for my ignorance.

I just wondered if anyone knew a good way of possibly getting my acting show reel to Christopher Nolan? Obviously I wouldn't be here if I wasn't a fan of his; in fact, he's my favourite director, and one whom it would be an absolute dream to work with. But all an actor can ever really ask for is the opportunities; and if I can get my show reel in front of him, for him to view it, that's all I could ask for really.

Here's my reel, if anyone's interested:

P.S. His Uncle lives around the corner from me! Not that that actually amounts to anything... I just wonder if I should try and give a copy to him, or does that count as harassment? Ha.

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You can try to give it to a studio, other then for casting I doubt Nolan ever watches demo reels. And even at that, he has all the major and best players in Hollywood at his access, so he may not even watch a whole lot of those and just leave it to the casting director. The only way you could get this to Nolan is by setting it on his front door step. Directors are not administrators or producers, you should be looking for them if you want to eventually be in blockbusters, targeting your favorite director isn't really the way to do it...

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Chris Nolan is not the caster of his films. So who you really need to talk to is the caster :) The studio is who you need to contact. But as already mentioned, this way is not the way to go for a new actor. Show up to auditions and win them over there.

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@Jayuk83 I'm also a starting actor, screenwriter and attending art school for film making. Never send the reel to the actual production company, they won't look at it, it'll end up in the trash. They leave all things that have to do with the actors up to the casting department. Great news is that Batman 3 is currently holding auditions! Now usually trying to reach your favorite Director isn't the way to start out, but something you can do is send your real, resume, and head shot to the casting department for Batman 3. Take even the background extra work, as long as you're on set. With that, who knows, maybe you'll get the chance to personally meet Nolan, although that's highly unlikely. However the more work you do, the better your chances get, and even try getting to know the casting director on a friendly level. Tell them you're willing to do any part in they're work, and they'll keep you in mind. Also do you have an Agent?

Here's the address to send your resume and headshot. Good Luck! :wave:
scroll a bit and the addresses are under the fake poster. I would send a head shot to every one.

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Hey guys, thanks for the replies!

To be fair, I've been acting for a few years now, so I kinda knew deep down that it's next to impossible to get my reel directly in front of him. I guess I was just trying my luck, since this is a Nolan fansite, and wondered if one of the admins knew him personally or something!

Look, it's a difficult industry, and we have to try everything, right?! Ha. Within reason, at least! :-) And it would be a dream to be involved in one of his movies, and thought it was worth a shot!

I'll definitely be sending my stuff over to the casting department anyway,

Thanks for the head's up and words of encouragement anyway, guys (and gals?).

I'll keep you updated about how I fare!


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