David Julyan, Hans Zimmer, and James Newton Howard.

Time- Hans Zimmer

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Without a doubt the single most affecting track in a Nolan film, if I may be so bold. It gives me chills every time.

Hats off to you, Mr. Zimmer. :clap:
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Score for this movie is mind-blowing...i listen to inception score almost everyday...
Hans Zimmer has always been great but with this he has outdone himself...
Also inception had the most epic song ive ever heard in trailer:
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it is epic
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Don't we already have a few soundtrack threads? :)
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Jonas Agersø wrote:Don't we already have a few soundtrack threads? :)

With a score this good, why complain? ;)
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I ALWAYS get the chills and tear up watching the end of inception when Cobb wakes up in the airplane.
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I agree that Time is definitely an emotional basket of a track. I, however, love one of the bonus tracks, "Don't Think About Elephants" seriously does it for me.
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Love this soundtrack....Just amazing.I feel like I`m still watching the film when I`m listening to it...
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I just downloaded it and was blasting it all the way up in my apartment.
Just blows my mind.
Oscars here we could.
If it did win would Marr get an oscar as well?
That would be awesome.
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It always reminds me of 'God Moving Over The Face of The Waters' by Moby, which is used at the end of Heat - both songs and both endings are both very emotional and amazing.
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