Inception: References in Media

This 2010 contemporary sci-fi actioner follows a subconscious security team around the globe and into the intimate and infinite world of dreams.
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The other night I was watching The Office season premiere and Steve Carell's Michael Scott mentioned Inception minutes into the show, where he said "saw Inception, or at least dreamt I did". (starts from 3:20-3:25)

To my knowledge, this is probably the first time a US mainstream TV show (aside from talk shows) makes a direct reference to Inception, (Anyone seen The Big Bang Theory?) and it won't be the last. Like any other popular and influential movie, Inception is going to to be mentioned and spoofed in the pop culture.

This thread is a place where you can list any reference to INCEPTION in various forms of media, specifically film and television. But also feel free to add Inception-related references in any media, including news programs, where guests and interviewees often mention films in discussions.

The "Movie Connections" page on IMDB is a good place to start although they already seem to be lagging behind on updating.

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Oooh, I'll need to see that episode.

They did an obvious Joker reference in one of the 2008 episodes.

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Dude, I saw that too, and I was like "YESSS!!!!"

I've only seen "The Office" in scattered episodes; this is the 1st time I have planned to watch the entire season every week. A nice surprise there. And the ending sure got me anxious for next week........... :lol:

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Inception was winked at tonight on the season premiere of SNL. Amy Pohler was hosting, and during the opening monologue she was having a bad dream. Then all these SNL vets came out and did stuff to her (i.e. she kissed Justin Timberlake and he looked at the camera and went "eeeewww.") Anyway, at the very end Keenan Thompson came out dressed as Loren Michaels and said, "hey Amy, I have this spinning top that I got from my friend Leo DiCaprio, so you know you're in a dream." He then spun it on a table and the "dream" ended. It was actually not funny at all, but cool to see Inception being referenced.

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The Big Bang Theory referenced Inception? Which episode? :shock:

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I am hoping South Park does an episode on Inception.

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It's not exactly a media reference, but I read the review of a heist film called 'Armoured' on Empire, and it got compared to Inception, saying 'As heist films go, it's no Inception'. The thing is, this one was reviewed before Inception came out, so you can imagine how excited it got me.

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bLaZe wrote:The Big Bang Theory referenced Inception? Which episode? :shock:
I think discoveringguy just wondered if it had been mentioned on the Big Bang Theory yet. I remember they did the only geniunely funny reference to Bale's Batman voice. :thumbup:

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I had to take a picture of this and share it when I saw it. It was on The Simpsons tonight:


Looks like Cobb needed Bart's help but Mrs. K wouldn't allow it. :D

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batman11 wrote:I had to take a picture of this and share it when I saw it. It was on The Simpsons tonight:


Looks like Cobb needed Bart's help but Mrs. K wouldn't allow it. :D
Nice find! :lol:

Now I'd really want to see a South Park reference of Inception. :silent:

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