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This 2010 contemporary sci-fi actioner follows a subconscious security team around the globe and into the intimate and infinite world of dreams.
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carwashguy wrote:
omid17 wrote:yea i heard somthing like if you jump in a dream, you might hang in the air and extra second or less
Oh man, the scene where everyone's floating in the hotel: that reminded me so much of lucid dreaming. In one lucid dream, I decided to try to fly. I jumped up, and I simply floated above the floor and didn't land--just like in the movie. During that hotel floating scene, I leaned over to my girlfriend and whispered, "I've had that dream before!"

you guys should watch this, there is 10 parts but the guy seems to know his s***

Learn lucid dreaming: part 1

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It's funny you mentioned that book on the first page because I was taking a look at it at my college library. Maybe I'll check it out

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the way you explained your whole method of reality checks seemed a little eerie. Do you genuinely think you're in reality sometimes but end up actually being in a dream? It kind of adds a layer of authenticity to cobb's whole struggle and how he's always spinning the top.

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carwashguy wrote:Hey, I'm a lucid dreamer, too! 5 times a week for 45 minutes a pop is crazy!
Just to be clear, I've only ever had maybe 3 or 4 lucid dreams that were over 30 minutes. And 5 times a week was my peak, mostly in the space of about 10 weeks.
Anyway, I wonder how many other ways the movie differentiates with reality. Most people aren't familiar enough with dreaming to realize how unrealistic some of the movie devices are. I think I read about how science has found that dream time moves at the same speed as reality.
Yes, I was thinking of this too. I believe there can be some time dilation, but anecdotal evidence suggests it is very minimal if it exists at all. Sometimes we do get the sensation that a lot of time has passed during a short dream, but that generally comes in the form of scene cuts. Those who say their dream felt like a week usually forget that they never dreamed the little details like sitting down to meals, going to the bathroom, going to bed to sleep, etc.

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omid17 wrote:yea i heard somthing like if you jump in a dream, you might hang in the air and extra second or less,
This is more "I can fly" rather than "time is slowing." :)
also i heard try looking at your watch for reality check
This works very well for digital watches. Something about looking at a number readout just never works right in the dream world.
so should we try to remember are dreams too?
YES! Keeping a dream journal is a great way to start. It also helps you find patterns in your dreams that you can use for dream signs.

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talli wrote:i tried to lucid dream last night

some interesting results but im not sure

these are the things i remember

1) a lot of the times it felt like i was half asleep, half awake...halfway aware that i was in my bed, halfway in a dream

2) i may have been dreaming that i was awake, which resulted in a kind of mental fatigue

3) i kept waking up throughout the night, or maybe i was dreaming that i was waking up, because i kept trying to hold on to my consciousness of the process

4) the amount of time i spent sleeping felt much longer than it was....i woke up at 7, thinking that it was already 11

5) at one point, i was very annoyed with a person in my dream and made them disappear

6) at times it felt like I willed myself to enter a deeper dream state, or a completely different dream, if i felt i was unsatisfied with the one i was in at the moment
It sounds like you are 90% of the way there, so keep at it! Technically, I would call this lucid, but there is so much more depth and control you can get if you work at it.

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buhbuh gracie wrote:about two years ago, i lost my boyfriend in a sea mishap. until now, his body is not found. for the three years that we've been together, i never dreamt of him. not until after the tragedy. and until now, i am always wishing that somehow he would talk to me in my dreams. he never speaks in my dreams of him. he would either be smiling or not recognize me at all.
A loved one not recognizing or acknowledging you is a very good dream sign. Whenever I get frustrated with my wife and she refuses to respond to me, I know I'm dreaming!
if i would get to know to do lucid dreaming, then maybe i could make him talk to me. but it would all be useless, bec i know its only me.
Yes, it would only be you, but much of him lives on in your memory. Bringing him to the dream can be very therapeutic. I did this with our cat Toby who died suddenly. I had never been so close to a pet before and was devastated. I made it my mission to dream about him, and eventually did. I woke up so full of joy at just being able to see and interact with him, that it didn't matter it wasn't real.

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carwashguy wrote:
talli wrote: 3) i kept waking up throughout the night, or maybe i was dreaming that i was waking up, because i kept trying to hold on to my consciousness of the process
Many of these are likely "false awakenings." You need to do a reality check every time you wake up. Eventually you'll do a reality check during a false awakening and become lucid.

If you read through my journal linked in the OP, you can follow along as I start to make this discovery for myself. When I started having several lucids per night, there were more and more false awakenings. I would typically "wake up" and frantically search for a pen to write down the cool dream I just had, or would try to tell my wife about it. But this was just another dream! Eventually I had the "aha!" moment, and realized that waking up should itself be considered a dream sign. It's also easy to remember to do a check at this time... count your fingers!

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bmneu wrote:More recently, I had a dream and woke up in my room because my neighbore was making a ruckus and going to a party. I could see the car outside and a bunch of friends were cramming into the car. My neighb then said that she wanted to double check if I wanted to go. She came bursting into my apartment and I could hear her. Then I woke up again but I couldn't move. She was at the end of my bed asking me if I wanted to go, but I was startled, feeling completely freaked out that I couldn't move if I wanted to. I was completely at the mercy of my neighbor (creepy even though I trust her and is a friend). At that moment she shook me as I was struggling and I woke up once again, this time for real, no doubt about it. All of the dream within a dreams was really creepy, but mostly the fact that I couldn't move when I wanted to, I guess because I was trying to wake up into reality kind of at the end of a nightmare, but my subconsciousness wouldn't allow it for a couple seconds. A lot about the setup of my room was identical but the parking lot outside my bedroom window had been completely a mesh of different places that I had lived in prior, so it felt real to me at the time. I don't think I ever had full control on what was happening within the dreams though, so not sure if it was lucid dreaming per se.
This is all part of the lucid experience, so it sounds like your brain is ready for the full blown experience.

A note about the paralyzation: When you sleep, your body turns off many of its functions, including motor control. When you dream you are walking, it's not good to actually BE walking, so you actually paralyze yourself to stay in bed. When this malfunctions, you sleepwalk (or punch your spouse, or sleep-eat, etc, etc). When you begin to become more aware of the sleep state, you can find yourself at a point where the body hasn't woken up yet, but your mind has. This can be very unsettling, but don't panic. It will either fade in a few moments and you will wake fully, or you will just fall back asleep. If you realize what's going on and can remain calm, this can actually be one of the best times to go directly into a lucid dream.

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omid17 wrote:you guys should watch this, there is 10 parts but the guy seems to know his s***

Learn lucid dreaming: part 1
Thanks, I'll take a look at this later and comment on it.

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