Christopher Nolan For Making A Bond Movie?

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If he REALLY wants to do a Bond film, he may as well just call Warner Bros and ask them to buy the Bond Franchise from troubled MGM.
I honestly think this could happen in the future. :clap:
I would love to see a Bond film directed by Christopher Nolan. Absolutely.

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Tom Hardy as Bond plus a classic fractured Nolan narrative = EPIC FREAKING WIN. The narrative style would make it the most unique Bond story in the franchise and I truly think Hardy has the kind of charisma and smartass style to be a great Bond along the lines of Craig.

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Hardy's even shorter than Craig, a regular Mini-Me Bond. You might as well have cast DeNiro instead of Dalton in the 80s, and it would have been just as ill-considered, regardless of the actor' s talent.

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i pretty optimistic that someday he will do a bond film..

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I'd loved to see Nolans Bond flick. After third one with Craig and Mendes, the Bond franchise will need another non-Bourne appraoch. With all I saw in TDK and trailers for Inception (with Hardy in mind for a Bond role) all I can say - it would be awesome and epic. He could bring back sth that Bond movies forgot - spy games!!!

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I thought about for soooo long,and at last Nolan let's know that he wants to make a bond movie just great :thumbup:

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I had no idea Hardy was so short. Seeing him at the premier was a shock. In Inception he looks tall and bulky. He slimmed down so much and looks tiny now.

He was my choice for Bond if Nolan does it. If not him than definitely Michael Fassbender...he has such a silky smooth delivery, just watch him in Inglorious Basterds...even at the moment of death he keeps composure and lets off the slickest line of his whole time on screen.

However, I dont think right now is the time for Nolan to do it. He has Batman 3 and following that with Bond would be too much of the same IMO. Really big action films on a grand scale. After B3 i think Nolan should do a small film, some kind of psychological thriller set in the western time or something in outer space.

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talli wrote:After B3 i think Nolan should do a small film, some kind of psychological thriller set in the western time or something in outer space.
Ah yes! Exactly!

He should definitely do a western, but with a psychological Nolan twist, like the main character has a schizophrenia or something.

But after that, which is realistically maybe 2015, I would welcome a Nolan Bond.

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It would be something special. and amazing!

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Let Nolan finish Batman 3, do another personal project, then do a Bond film. And if he does Bond, I see it going one of two ways: he reboots it again w/ a new actor and style, or stays in line w/ Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace (which were inspired by both Bourne and BB, so maybe not as far a stylistic stretch). Honestly, if Nolan is serious about doing a Bond film I'm pretty sure Daniel Craig and the producers would be smart and get him to either replace Sam Mendes if he falls out, or let him do the one after. I'm pretty sure last I read Craig is contracted four Bond films (w/ two already done), so logistically this isn't hard to believe.

Now the qustion is... how does Nolan get his hands on and do this film? Well, who knows? Nolan may jump the WB ship for one film to direct at MGM, or does anyone else think that his words have so much influence that WB may be willing to buy out the right and save not only Bond, but The Hobbit and countless other projects lost in the shuffle? I'm actually kinda hoping this happens. And if Nolan signs onto direct, will he be allowed to write the script, or simply oversee it? The Bond films have had the same pair of writers for the past couple of films (w/ help from third parties such as Peter Morgan), so I could see Nolan having a hand in the script (more along the lines of his work on Insomnia), but personally I'd prefer him (and maybe Jonathan) to have full control over the script.

Just thinking about it gets me excited: an intelligent, balls to the wall Bond film written and directed by Christopher Nolan. :thumbup:

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