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What if Nolan make remake of The Matrix Trilogy....

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Christopher Nolan is presently a name which needs no introduction. He is one of the most talented directors world have ever witnessed and by far his movies have never broken the mass’s hopes for a thrilling and ever-lasting experience. His movies like Dunkirk, Batman triology, the prestige, memento proves that he is worth making an average movie a topic to discuss over.

But Matrix triology itself was a great success. A 3.5/4 rating by rogerbert, 3.4/4 rating by rotten tomatoes, however when you go over to the imdb you will find that this triology was a falling franchise which had 8.7, 7.2 and 6.7 rating according to the releasing year of the movies. Apparently it wasn’t good as there were no emotions attached to the movie anymore, it was like you were watching a video game in a picture hall with humans taking part as characters, actually it couldn’t create the will into the audience that Neo should win like it was in harry potter series or lord of the rings series. Audience weren’t connected to the movie or moreover they were sick of watching the same drama over and over again.

Now coming to the question if christopher nolan were the director then maybe he could have been able to create the emotional side in the movie but you cannot be sure about it, his new release Dunkirk was somehow missing the emotional aspect and was just rotating around three events, yeah he showed the events effectively but there were no sentiments which were needed in the movie. He could have made it more suspenseful like memento but again how can you be so sure? He could have mixed the movie with a little less action and a little more logical descriptions because the ending of the movie was awkward, and couldn’t be explained correctly. yeah, Nolan has given suspenseful endings but there were reasons to depict the ending to create the ending without saying it.

But let’s come to the terms, matrix has been made and has been a great hit. This could have been made better had Nolan been the director or someone else which is more skillful according to the criteria but isn’t it the way we think about everything. yes, each and everything can be improved. But we should not forget that it was a good attempt too and was a good trilogy.

And i am a fan of the triology too...
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