Speculation and discussion about Christopher Nolan's possible and confirmed future projects.

What actors do you wish Nolan would work with in the future?

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Johnny Depp, Jude Law, Mickey Rourke, Daniel Day Lewis, Mark Ruffalo, Jude Law, Sean Penn
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Robert Downey Jr., Jim Carrey, Tobey Maguiere, Johnny Depp, Phillip Seymour Hoffman and a few more
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Michael Caine


- Javier Bardem
- Edward Norton
- Viggo Mortenson
- Anthony Hopkins
- Josh Brolin
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Actually you have just listed all the good and famous actors today :D
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Well James Franco if he came up again.

I think Daniel Day-Lewis and Javier Bardem would be cool.
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- Ian McKellen
- Ryan Reynolds
- Steve Buscemi

And... SIR Michael Caine!
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I actually hope he re-teams with Guy Pearce in the future.
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I really want to see Aaron Eckhart in another Nolan-movie (I'm not talking about Batman 3 :) ). His performance in TDK really impressed me, I think he was really, really good, and he was a really good choice for this role. He's a very good actor, very characteristic, so... I hope we can see him in one of Nolan's future projects :)
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Aaron Eckhart is actually a pretty funny guy outside of his movies. I thought he was great in Thank You for Smoking and The Dark Knight so I hope that one day Nolan and him can re-team someday.
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I would love Nolan to work with Ed Norton.
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