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Nolan's next film after Dunkirk

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Nolan gives in massive CGI and rejuvenates Jim Carrey^^
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Christian McKay for Napoleon.£
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Rather someone of Italian descent, just as Napoleon himself. Pacino would've been the perfect choice back in the 70s.
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A mob drama, I think it would also be interesting.
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Insomniac wrote:
Nomis wrote:Maybe he'll finally come around to the Howard Hughes biopic, shot in large format? hell yes

During his BAFTA: Life in Pictures talk he claimed he intends to make it one day.

Really? That's something.
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But I wonder if he will bring some modifications in his script or if he will let it such that it is.
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Shady. This article doesn't provide their source, which apparently is a Spanish fan site who got their info from two other sources. Why is this the first we've heard about that?
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God I hope not
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I'm excited to read that, even if it's not true, but I doubt Nolan is already working on it with all of the Dunkirk promotion stuff recently.
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