Nolan and Metal Gear Solid

Speculation and discussion about Christopher Nolan's possible and confirmed future projects.
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I assume that much like a lot of other people, some of us here have noticed how much certain parts of Inception are reminiscent of Metal Gear Solid. I've been reading it all over the internet how a lot of people loved it, and talks and wishes have been floating around of Nolan perhaps adapting the Metal Gear Solid franchise.

Do you think he could possibly make a good adaptation of the franchise?

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I’m going to go ahead and say yes. The beginning scene with Cobb and his mission in the castle proves that Nolan can film a breathtaking stealth sequence. Now, I’m not a very big Metal Gear Fan, I’ve only played the second one I believe. But, I know the Metal Gear Franchise has a very in depth story and well written characters. I’m sure Nolan can do a very good job with it, and perhaps make a fantastic video game movie adaptation!

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Do I think he could make a decent Metal Gear Solid film? Yes but I don't think I would ever want him too (personally it is a videogame franchise that I wouldn't ever want into a movie).

As a side note, I love the Metal Gear Solid games :D

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I'm a Metal Gear die hard fan... and it would be AMAZING if Nolan could direct a movie (or a franchise) of it!!!
He can really do it (he can do to a videogame-movie what he did with great results on comic book movies)

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im a massive metal gear fan but honestly didnt see any similarities in Inception. What other scenes in Inception are like metal gear???

although i agree he would be great as the director of a metal gear movie. you know how Nolan likes a "grand scale" lol :lol:

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The snow level, is exactly like Shadow Moses. The haunted setting, the white uniforms, the snipers. The design of the building.
And even the fact that Cobb and co. infiltrate the building through the ventilation system. Which is exactly what Solid Snake does in Metal Gear Solid 1.

I actually wish someone started a facebook group called "Nolan For Metal Gear Solid".

He seems to understand stealth, and fast-pace action, combined with an overall story demanding of you to pay attention.

And yeah, I agree. He'd totally make a kick-ass Metal Gear Solid film.

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I approve. :thumbup:

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Personally, I find Metal Gear Solid to be too outlandish for a proper Nolan treatment. I remember playing Metal Gear Solid and laughing at the incredibly horrible lines and the utterly cheesy story. If there's anything about stealth espionage video game I want Nolan to tackle, it's Splinter Cell. That is way more grounded in a realistic sense than Hideo Kojima and his mobile nuclear tank that gets rebuilt on every sequel, plus never sounds logical enough as a weapon for mass production.

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I do understand the similarities, but you could say its similar to MW2. Metal Gear Solid should never be made into a film, to be honest most games shouldn't have adaptations, it'll ruin it... i mean look at Max Payne... they had a great revenge story and it blew like a fart in the wind. I'm sure Christopher Nolan would do a top notch job, but I see the Snow fortress more like James Bond then MGS.

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As a gamer myself I would love this idea but i think people are forgetting one thing ...... The creator of Metal Gear Solid Series, Hideo Kojima is very controlling of the series and probably wouldnt give Mr. Nolan the creative control he needs to adapt it like he did Memento and The Prestige, and would feel more like Insomnia.

Read this : ... lid-movie/

I think Kojima wants to make sure everything is as he wants it to be on the big screen and I can understand that .....but for Nolan to adapt it he would need some creative control which im not sure Hideo Kojima would give.

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