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The films Nolan should direct...

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I would like to see Nolan's take on the classic family adventure movie. Films like Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jurassic Park and the other Amblin films.

Those are among my favorite movies and something that we don't see much of anymore. I would like to see Nolan bring his sense of scale and drama to that genre.
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Jesus of Suburbia wrote:
Allstar wrote:
Jesus of Suburbia wrote:I would love for him to direct Devil in the White City if Martin Scorsese does not make it. Devil in the White City is about H.H. Holmes. America's first serial killer. He had a hotel in Chicago during the world's fair in 1893. He murdered people at his hotel and had all of these trap doors and he used gas in people hotel rooms to kill them. He even had his own furnace in the basement to remove the bodies. He made all these different allies as well. The movie would be like Zodiac meets Psycho.

I wouldn't because he would probably make it PG-13.

He did Following, Memento, and Insomnia as R-rated films. With it being a small budget film I think he would make it rated R. David Fincher is my third choice.

Nolan has said quite clearly that he's gonna make huge blockbusters till he gets the chance to.
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Since Nolan never tried musical features, he should do a remake of Irving Berlin's white christmas. It should be shot super panavision 70, and IMAX. Starring Seth MacFarlane, Harry Connick Jr., Emma Stone, and Amanda Seyfried. It could contains the original songs of Irving Berlin. Maybe we could have John Williams write a score for the remake, with some help from his son, Joseph. They could even write some new christmas originals with some lyrics by Leslie Bricusse. And have it distribut by Paramount and Warner Bros. Pictures. :gonf: :D
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