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Would You Like To See Christopher Nolan Direct Star Wars?

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LelekPL wrote:I'd LOVE it and judging by his love for SW, I think he would too. But only if he had a greater creative control than current SW directors. If he could use his composers, cinematographers and editors. Naturally, I'd prefer it to be an anthology story and not the main stories.
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You really think this reaction was suitable? One of the most beloved directors in the world doing one of the most beloved franchises in history. Even if that doesn't sound like a slam dunk to you (for the love of me, I don't know why), I don't think the reaction of disgust is appropriate.
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Simple answer: no. As far as it's Disney's property, at least.
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Since Rian Johnson is going to make a new star wars trilogy, Christopher Nolan should try using John Williams for that trilogy, that is. :roll:
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