Inception Sequel (?)

Speculation and discussion about Christopher Nolan's possible and confirmed future projects.
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I'm pretty sure that Nolan has some ideas inside his little head.

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No thanks.Cobb was the best character in the movie and Leonardo Dicaprio is a better actor than Hammy Hardy

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I honestly don't think this is a terrible idea. The universe he created is super rich and there are plenty of more ideas/stories that could be explored.

And having Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page, and Dileep Rao as leads would be more than enough to carry the film, not to mention all the new actors and actresses you could bring in for new characters.

I support it. I say do it. 8-)

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Pass. Nolan did what he wanted to do with this concept.

I wouldn't mind another director trying to do a different story with that premise (in that universe). Maybe even doing a different genre each time - gve it a horror or superhero vibe maybe.

If there is one original Nolan movie I would like to see a sequel to, it's Interstellar. Again, not with Cooper and his storyline but of how do we evolve further, more exploration influenced by emotional stimuli.

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I have to agree that out of all the fictional projects Nolan fans dreamed up over the years (western, horror, etc.), the idea of an Inception sequel is the most realistic to me. It would be a bold and exciting move, something that could be expected from Nolan. I'm almost 100% sure that he wouldn't do a sequel to it, still, I think the idea isn't too far-fetched.

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I've always admired that Nolan didn't make a sequel to Inception, even with over $800 million in global box office intake. I'm sure the studio would be happy to have him make another one, but I've always seen it as a standalone movie that doesn't need to be elaborated on in any future movies.

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Cobb's story is certainly done. And Fischer's. So no worries about DiCaprio, Cotillard, Caine, Murphy, or Berenger coming back. I think that leaves open a ton of room for something fresh and exciting, and not just a standard continuation. It would be a completely different film, honestly. It's not like it would be called "Inception 2" - it wouldn't be a sequel at all. That's the ONLY way it would work. Don't even call back to the events of Inception; just have it be a new, original movie starring Hardy and JGL and Page.

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If you only knew of all the fanfiction there is with those three characters.

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we know ಠ_ಠ

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but what about

dream aliens tho

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