The Films Nolan should direct

Speculation and discussion about Christopher Nolan's possible and confirmed future projects.
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I would like to see Nolan's take on the classic family adventure movie. Films like Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jurassic Park and the other Amblin films.

Those are among my favorite movies and something that we don't see much of anymore. I would like to see Nolan bring his sense of scale and drama to that genre.

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Jesus of Suburbia wrote:
Allstar wrote:
Jesus of Suburbia wrote:I would love for him to direct Devil in the White City if Martin Scorsese does not make it. Devil in the White City is about H.H. Holmes. America's first serial killer. He had a hotel in Chicago during the world's fair in 1893. He murdered people at his hotel and had all of these trap doors and he used gas in people hotel rooms to kill them. He even had his own furnace in the basement to remove the bodies. He made all these different allies as well. The movie would be like Zodiac meets Psycho.
I wouldn't because he would probably make it PG-13.
He did Following, Memento, and Insomnia as R-rated films. With it being a small budget film I think he would make it rated R. David Fincher is my third choice.
Nolan has said quite clearly that he's gonna make huge blockbusters till he gets the chance to.

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m4st4 wrote:Stephen King's Doctor Sleep adaptation... Nolan, after Kubrick, just imagine.
But there should be few things that needs to make it a good feature film:
Let the author, himself, writes a screenplay version of his novel, finds the right cast for the sequel, and one original cast to play danny, have it shot in 35mm film, and have an original score by either, Danny Elfman, Wendy Carlos, Thomas Newman, quincy jones, or John Williams. :judge: :problem:

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A Charlie Cox Daredevil film, please.

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CaviezelReese wrote:
June 18th, 2019, 6:31 am
A Charlie Cox Daredevil film, please.
Matt Damon has the same thought (but he wants to play Daredevil):

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User of Interest wrote:
June 18th, 2019, 3:34 pm
CaviezelReese wrote:
June 18th, 2019, 6:31 am
A Charlie Cox Daredevil film, please.
Matt Damon has the same thought (but he wants to play Daredevil):
I hope it happens.

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Nabokov's Pale Fire, somehow...
Hard but doable (of course not 1:1). Also Daddy could play with structure and chronology.

F*cking masterpiece, absolutely brilliant, the best thing ever made.
Don't you dare read ABOUT it, just read it first.
Don't spoil the bliss.
(and if you read crap on the daily basis don't read it at all - this is heavyweight or "solid food" to put it biblically)

And please don't try to compare or read it to "better understand" BR2049...
(because you simply won't - these are just two thematically different works)
It will be like watching Kubrick or Nolan to "get" Uwe Boll or Tommy Wiseau...

BR just uses the "cells" passage from the Poem. That's it.

We don't compare chocolate with sh*t, do we?
(comparision doesn't give justice anyway)
I'm not saying that BR and it's themes are stupid.

I'm just saying about the mastery, brilliancy, idea, execution etc. of Nabokov
(all works for that matter but PF particularly) so you can know proportions and how superior He is.
Pure Genius He was. The God.

Nabokov isn't "The Lolita Guy" but "The Pale Fire Guy" ;)

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I bet either Mr. Hughes or 007 happens right after Tenet. It's good timing for both.

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