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Nolan's next film after Dunkirk

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^very much that
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Innovator wrote:The fact that Dunkirk is going to be a serious awards contender means that we'll probably have to wait longer than usual for information on his next film, since he'll most likely only start working on it after awards season is over. Hopefully he already has some ideas on what he wants to do next.

Pretty much

The award season will keep him busy longer than usual. Especially if he gets nominated as director. There's a lot of promotion you have to do with that. A lot of luncheons, dinners and butts you have to kiss.

Plus, I'm sure he was supervising the work on the 4K releases of his films and the release of Dunkirk on home media.
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He has a drawer filled with screenplays.

I expect an announcement once the Oscars has aired.
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I’m very sure he’s already working on something. He never rests lol
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Willem wrote:I’m very sure he’s already working on something. He never rests lol

That's true. Just hoping for something original, like Inception.
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Since Hoyte van Hoytema is filming "Ad Astra" at the moment, is he likely to return as DP for Nolan's next film?
...or wil Wally Pfister make a comeback?
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Ad Astra is in production now isn't it? Nolan next movie won't reach production for like a year if he is 100% in awards mode now for another 4 months, so Hoyte should be good.
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Hoytema finished production on Ad Astra a month ago.
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Oh, didn't know that. On IMDb it says "Filming". My bad.
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