Wally Pfister and Hoyte van Hoytema

Favourite Nolan/Pfister Cinematography?

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Nomis wrote:
AsianVersionOfET wrote:
I always got a Blade Runner vibe of those shots of the Bat, especially when Catman rides in it for the first time

LOL. This should totally be a superhero.

It's your lucky day. He already exists: http://www.comicvine.com/search/?q=catman&indices%5B%5D=arc&indices%5B%5D=character&indices%5B%5D=company&indices%5B%5D=concept&indices%5B%5D=episode&indices%5B%5D=issue&indices%5B%5D=location&indices%5B%5D=movie&indices%5B%5D=person&indices%5B%5D=series&indices%5B%5D=team&indices%5B%5D=theme&indices%5B%5D=thing&indices%5B%5D=volume

LOL. Holy shit I didn't see your response. That is incredible. This should be Nolan's next film.
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I know right 8-)

Then to think that Wonder Woman has a female villain named Cheetah. You should look her up just for lolz.
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