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CBS' Person of Interest

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It feels like its been 10 years since POI ended and it was only last June...
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season 5 finally released in Australia.Image
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I was looking back at Matt Fowlers reviews and scores for the POI series...

Its amazing how Season 5 is the only season of the show to score three "Perfect 10" ratings in one season.

6741: ( scored a 10 )

The Day The Earth Went Away: ( scored a 10 )

Return 0: ( scored a 10 )

Despite claims of not having the time to truly structure the final season, Season 5's high's are as epic as any high point of the series.
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To me The Machine might be the most powerful fictional AI I have ever come across in any movie or TV-show. Is there any AI that can compete with her (besides Samaritan)?
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Omo. Already a year since S5E1.

Oh, i just realise how much i miss Jim Caviezel as Reese.
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So I don't know if anyone remembers Peter Watts (he wrote a somewhat mixed review of the show a while back, praising it on an intellectual level whilst criticising its more character-based endeavours), but having read arguably his most well-known book, Blindsight, I think a lot of people here would really like it. Thematically it treads similar waters as the show but goes much deeper into the philosophical quandaries PoI loved to explore, such as consciousness. It even has a great little bit about Turing Tests and their philosophical counterpoint (The Chinese Room).
Anyway, I'd highly recommend it.
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Oh it already has been 1 year since the series finale (Return 0). Damn that was fast.

Also, i just found out a korean show (2:33-2:41) used POI's opening music, for a couple of seconds, for dramatic purpose lol.
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ChrisTilford wrote:
sebal24 wrote:I've just realized:

- Logan Pierce (Billionaire and IT genius)
- Joey Durban (army soldier)
- Harper Rose (gunwoman)

Just like Team Machine? :o
Peg Harper as a grifter than a gunwoman, sorta like Root.

Almost makes you think that along that only Shaw & Fusco'd survive the finale, while the rest of their comrades are supplemented by these 3 guys.

And you were *almost* right...
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