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CBS' Person of Interest

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J J Abrams seems to have the Midas touch with cult shows like Felicity and Fringe as well as mainstream hits like Alias and Lost. Right now, he has Fringe on Fox, plus an upcoming show called Undercovers on NBC. So this will be grabbed most probably by ABC, who already have a great relationship with Abrams due to the blockbuster that was Lost.
Does anyone know why Abrams doesn't work on cable? Who knows, maybe its because he doesn't need to! ;-)
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J J Abrams has just got another show called Alcatraz optioned by Fox. This guy is a frakking tv mogul! :-)
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Great work, chee!
Person Of Interest sounds like an interesting title. And the tentacles of Abrams spread to CBS! ;-)
Okay, i'll be honest - Jonah couldn't have chosen a better launchpad for the small screen. Looks like he'll be executive producer, as well as writer of the pilot's script atleast. Hopefully, we'll get more details about the extent of Jonah's involvement in this show soon. Plus, who'll be the showrunner of PoI? It can't be Jonah anyway - he doesn't have the experience nor, i suspect, the time to handle the show's affairs on a day to day basis.
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Excited for a Nolan TV series.

But I'll admit I've grown rather tired of crime shows. I used to watch things like the CSIs (yes, even the one with David Caruso, but that was purely for the lulz and that guy who looked like Jake Gyllenhaal), Without a Trace and Cold Case but then they kept going and going, the storylines became repetitive and I lost interest. I've no doubt Jonah will likely come up with something a bit different but I do wonder if he's enterting into a badly over-saturated market.

Just some thoughts.
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I hope there's some sort of twist on this crime show. I agree with Bueller said, they get kind of repetitive after awhile.

Dexter is the only crime show I watch now, mainly because the twist is that the main character is a serial killer.
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Valid points. I am guessing that there must be something unique here, or Abrams wouldn't have chosen it.
Totally agree with chee about Dexter - Michael C Hall totally nailed that role. And the impressive thing about Dexter is that it gets better with every season. :-)
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This should be interesting. :think:
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