Jonathan Nolan Inks New Deal With Warner Bros Television

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Pratham wrote:For Fox? Ugh...
Among the four networks, it is the one where a genre project is ensured to go forward. (Fringe, for example, and even that was produced by an outside studio). Sure, they've had some missteps in the past, but given the pedigree involved, & how different the viewership metrics are today, it's good a pretty good chance.

Probably couldn't have gone to CW, as it probably doesn't have a lot of young & pretty people. NBC is largely the Law & Order/Chicago dumping ground (and they prematurely cancel stuff as well), so that's out. ABC is owned by Disney, & the show's produced by Warner Bros., so that reduces chances right away. There have been shows they've picked up from WB, but don't last very long (save for The Middle). The last hourlongs between the 2 entities which lasted more than one season in the last 10-12 years, was Pushing Daisies & the reimagined version of V. The one before that: Lois & Clark (which ended in 1997, after four seasons).


FOX is their best bet.

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There's a chance that Fox might stuff it up.

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Havoc1st wrote:There's a chance that Fox might stuff it up.
They could. Or they could not. Time will tell, I suppose.

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