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4N Legend wrote:mother!
Possibly one of the most ambitious and original movies I've ever seen. On a technical level, this is absolutely brilliant. Javier and Lawrence killed it, which is weird to say because I really do not like JLaw. Overall? Wow. What an experience.
The only JLaw performance I can stand. For me it's Aronofsky's second best after Black Swan.

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The Wrong Trousers

The train chase is one of the finest sequences to ever grace the screen.

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MyCocaine wrote:The Wrong Trousers

The train chase is one of the finest sequences to ever grace the screen.
Pretty much. Feathers is also one of the great villains. Pure evil.

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My Darling Clementine (Dir. John Ford)

Ford is able to make these big, macho, westerns; but incredibly, they're not devoid of emotion. Gunfights are followed by sentimentality; and unlike most films of the genre, this one has the inevitable face off, but it's the least interesting part of the movie. Though The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance has long been my personal favorite John Ford film (it has Wayne AND Stewart), this one is pretty darn great too. It may be among the best paced movies I've ever watched. Once I can find good copies on blu ray, I'll need to watch The Searchers and Stagecoach again. I feel my appreciation for older movies has changed a lot since the last time I watched them.

Shoutout to Henry Fonda for pulling off a mustache that actually looks badass.

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Rebel in the Rye


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Dunkirk in 4K.


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Baby Driver- 8/10

Favourite part of the movie:

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Train to Busan
Finally saw this. Excellent.

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The Disaster Artist

Waited to go with friends to this and finally saw it. Wonderful wonderful wonderful. James Franco owns.

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I love my mom's taste in film. She doesn't want to watch traditional christmas movies, instead we see a bunch of critically acclaimed movies from recent times. This year we watched:

Swiss Army Man
Get Out
Manchester By The Sea
12th Man
(a Norwegian WW2 film in theaters)

Except for the 'masturbate to your mom' stuff in Swiss Army Man, we had a blast watching all of them. She loved Get Out.

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