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Other filmmakers on Christopher Nolan

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Sky007 wrote:Richard Linklater: "Yesterday I went to see Dunkirk. I couldn't help but think of it in contrast to the war, but I thought [director Christopher Nolan] did a great job. It's pretty wonderful. I liked it."

Link: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/r ... ra-1042657

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I know I know, he just forgot to put a source, so I added it to his post.
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Luca Gaudagnino has high praise for Dunkirk

Called Nolan and Hoytema's achievements extraordinary.
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MyCocaine wrote:Luca Gaudagnino has high praise for Dunkirk

Called Nolan and Hoytema's achievements extraordinary.

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Sky007 wrote:Link?


Also, he has spoken about it on a few other occassions.
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Sean Baker talks about Nolan and film preservation at the 19:10 mark, and at 21:25 (ish) he praises Dunkirk and 70mm
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Joe Wright, director of Atonement and Darkest Hour.

I imagine you might have been worried when you first heard there would be another big movie about Dunkirk this year. But Christopher Nolan’s movie and your movie almost complement each other…

Yes! Absolutely. I was worried when I heard that it was happening. I became a little less worried when I heard there wasn’t a Churchill in the movie. But then I went and saw it once I finished the locked cut on my film – I kind of delayed seeing it because I didn’t want to be influenced by it. And I think it’s an extraordinary piece of work. I’m incredibly impressed by it. And, so, there’s space enough for everyone.

They each fill in some gaps…

No, you’re right – they’d make a good double bill.

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‘Stranger Things 2’: Duffers Talk Scene Inspired By ‘The Dark Knight’

https://theplaylist.net/stranger-things ... -20171031/

“We did [shoot the scene in Atlanta], and then the [Pittsburgh] skyline we added. Instead of [Kali] manipulating this tunnel, it used to be that she was manipulating a bridge. We were going to have this really spectacular bridge sequence, and there’s a lot of really great bridges in Pittsburgh. That’s I think ultimately why we chose it, but you just cannot find a bridge anywhere even near Atlanta,” Matt Duffer explained. “You actually can’t even find a tunnel. That tunnel was actually about 20 feet long. It was ridiculous. It was the tiniest, puniest tunnel, and we just ended up extending it with computer graphics.”

“We were definitely going for [a ‘Dark Knight‘ vibe]. Some of this stuff happens subconsciously, so I’m sure, yeah, we were ripping off Chris Nolan,” he continued. “Some of it was deliberately. We put on movie music when we write — I know I wrote that [scene] to ‘The Dark Knight’ score or ‘The Matrix,’ one or the other. But we love that kind of film, and we don’t usually get to explore that kind of vibe or tone on the show, so I think that’s really why we did it.”

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Steven Spielberg:

Before embarking on his mission to dramatize the saga of how middle-aged citizens formed an armada of motorboats and yachts, traveled across the English Channel and ferried their army back home to safety, Nolan turned to his friend Steven Spielberg for advice and aid. He asked the director to lend him a pristine print of “Saving Private Ryan” that had only been run a half dozen times, so that he could show his crew how Spielberg had orchestrated the battle at Omaha Beach. Spielberg did more for Nolan than give him his print.

“Knowing and respecting that Chris is one of the world’s most imaginative filmmakers, my advice to him was to leave his imagination, as I did on ‘Ryan,’ in second position to the research he was doing to authentically acquit this historical drama,” recalls Spielberg.

Paul Thomas Anderson:

Paul Thomas Anderson, the director of “The Master” and “There Will Be Blood” and an admirer of “Dunkirk,” hails the film’s economical quality. He notes that there’s very little dialogue, which contributes to its power. “Its practically wordless structure was so exciting to me,” Anderson tells Variety. “It’s stripped down to bare essentials.”

Both of these came from the same Variety article on Nolan: http://variety.com/2017/film/news/christopher-nolan-dunkirk-oscars-movies-tv-spielberg-1202607836/
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