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Interesting/Strange facts about Nolan

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Did a quick search, saw no results. I guess this technically belongs in his personal section, but it's always a wasteland there, and I figured we could probably have a lot of fun conversations with this, since some are pretty weird, so it works with Forum Fun lol. (Feel free to move it though if you disagree)


-Nolan does not own a cell phone, nor does he have an email adress. (This one is from the LA Times "Hero Complex" from the other day, but I call bull sh*t on this one, since it's not a direct quote from Chris. There's no way one of the leading directors in Hollywood doesn't have these two things. He's part of a business that relies on communication back and forth, it wouldn't make sense to purposely make your job harder than it should be. I know Chris is a very private guy, but if this is true, jesus lol.)

-“I’m so glad that everyone came to see our little six minutes. If I had it my way, we’d do the entire picture this way. Show six minutes, then you have to come back the next week to see the next six minutes… Serialize it, like Dickens used to do. And then finally put the whole thing out as a single film.” - Nolan says, laughing. (so take that with a grain of salt)
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hes partially color blind.

But this thread should be under 'Christopher Nolan' sub-section FYI
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Of course he has a phone. He was even seen with one at a Inception screening last year.
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He can breathe underwater.

And he has heat vision.
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His older brother, meanwhile, is having a much rougher time; the FBI arrested him last year in connection with the 2005 killing of a Florida businessman in Costa Rica. The charges didn’t stick, but Matthew has been in jail for 14 months and is awaiting extradition proceedings. This may account for the director’s refusal to discuss his family.
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Dodd wrote:
But this thread should be under 'Christopher Nolan' sub-section FYI

But it's so dead over there. :(

Besides, I'm sure we can make it a fun thread to make it work here.
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Chris Nolan is a fish. Someone w/ photoshop skills please make this happen.
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steveportee wrote:Chris Nolan is a fish. Someone w/ photoshop skills please make this happen.

Hmm, so Christopher Nolan and Kanye West are both the only fish in the entertainment industry? Interesting...

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Before Chris Nolan goes to sleep he checks his closet for the parallel universe version of himself.
Chris Nolan is actually two midgets in a costume.
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