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I think we need a single thread on Nolan video tributes.

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solo2001 wrote:I think we need a single thread on Nolan video tributes.
great idea! Nolanography is pretty phenomonal. This is also terrific! The way they blend Tom Wilkinson's scream in with the music is just unbeatable.

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Dedicating a thread to Nolan fan videos is a great idea, one I always wanted to do. Now that I found this thread, I'll be posting a few good ones I found. I've seen Through the Eyes of Christopher Nolan, Nolanography and the Cinemix one before, they're on my Youtube playlist and are very well edited. I've edited a few myself and have posted them before, but thought I'd post it again. Hope you'll like it.

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BatMotor wrote:

True, This one is so great.

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My contribution

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BatMotor wrote:
So inspired :twothumbsup:

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My tribute 8-)

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Best Nolan Tribute:

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