What are Christopher Nolan's strength's as a director?

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There is a topic that discusses Nolan's weaknesses as a director. On the flip side, what do you believe are some of Nolan's strengths as a director? What does he do as a director that draws you to his films?

(If there is a topic on this, I apologize. I searched for it and did not find one. )

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Off the top of my head:
-complex/dense stories
-creating a mood
-huge set piece action scenes, with excellent stunt-work/practical effects
-strings together many remarkable scenes one right after the other with no let up

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I have a few which spring to mind, so I'll list a few...

He builds up his endings well and leaves you speechless.
Action scenes and combat.
Great camera angles and story telling.
Entertaining openings.
Intelligent film ideas and themes.
Original concepts.
Casts great actors ALL of the time!
Creates atmosphere and mood.

Obviously, there's more, but that's all I can think up for now.

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Pretty much EVERYTHING! :) :gonf:

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