How you became a Nolan fan

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I watched Memento. That's all it took. I've been a fan of his ever since.

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Since I watch Memento for the first time at the movie theater. Was love at first sight.
Since then I went to see every single movie of him, and track Following ans doodlebug.
I just can't wait to see Inception.

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I saw Memento when it came out on DVD (missed it at the theaters, but new had a lot of acclaim), it blew me away. After that, I learnt Nolan was working on Begins and being a huge Batman fan, it sealed the deal.

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My story is a little bit embarrassing. My brother got a DVD of Memento and I mistakenly took it for Jackie Chan's The Medallion. So when I watched it, I was hoping for some martial arts action. :lol: Obviously I didn't get any of that, but I got really engrossed by the story. It was amazing how the movie clicked as Nolan unveiled more and more.

After watching Memento, I didn't give it much thought. Each director has that one movie that defines his ability and each director has his misses. So I didn't exactly go out to look for his other movies. When I read Chris was going to do Batman Begins, I said... uh-oh. This guy is going to ruin the ruined. Nolan is a good director but he's no miracle worker, I thought. :lol:

Then I was channel surfing and bumped into HBO's viewing of Insomnia. A film that I had no idea (at the time of viewing) who directed it. I watched it and got really engrossed in it. At the ending credits, I swore I'd pay closer attention on who directed it. At the end, Christopher Nolan's name popped out and the first two words I said were, 'No wonder!'. This was the start of the fan growing in me.

Still I begrudgingly went to the theater (my brothers pulled me in) to watch Batman Begins and I was just simply mesmerized. Beautifully crafted, wonderfully written, flawless direction. I knew then that if there's one thing Nolan doesn't know how to do, that's make a bad movie.

The next films I watched in specific order was Prestige, The Dark Knight, and the Following. While I loved Prestige, The Dark Knight was, I felt, a few steps back, but I still liked the film. Following was simply amazing. Solid noir. Great non-linear structure although some of the items could have been refined. Otherwise, easily one of my favourite Nolan flicks.

Now I sit and wait for Inception. Nolan hasn't let me down, and I don't believe he will. TDK may not be all I thought it was, but TDK was also a very thick story full of different threads running its course. I don't know about Inception a whole lot, but I feel this movie is where Nolan sticks to a tighter and more compact story. :)

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I love movies, I don't obsese over a film maker so I wouldn't call my self a fan boy or anything like that. But I follow very few directors and Nolan is one of them. Others inclued Scorsese, Cameron, Spielburg, Jackson, and newly Neil Blomkamp. :D

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it was a hot summer night... a typical friday.. no clouds up in the sky... I've been a Bale fan so for him I went to see Batman Begins. Then - because I'm a Bale-fan - I saw The Prestige. And I started to admire the dude.

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How I became a Nolan fan? Well...

It started when my friend and I went to a showing for Batman Begins. I remember seeing the trailer previously and thinking, "Wow, I don't even see Batman in the trailer." I walked out of the movie completely blown away.

I wasn't a Nolan fan, still. I simply loved the film Batman Begins.

A year later, I saw the trailer for The Prestige, and in it I saw the phrase, "from the director of Batman Begins." That immediately caught my attention. I enjoyed the trailer and ended up seeing The Prestige, twice. The first time I was a bit confused, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. The second time I enjoyed it more because of all the nuisances that you can't catch until you have seen it full through.

This is when I became a Nolan fan. I bought Begins on DVD (have watched it countless amounts of times), and I bought The Prestige when it came out on DVD on the first day. I then rented Memento (was somewhat impressed, though I have a better appreciation of it today).

I eagerly awaited The Dark Knight, and participated in the viral campaign since its inception (hehe), including the 5 minute opening in front of the I Am Legend IMAX (which, by the way, is AWFUL). I went with a group of 30 to the midnight show of was utterly amazing.

I then bought Following and borrowed Insomnia from a friend.

And now I eagerly await Inception. I think that Nolan is definitely one of the best working directors today. I disagree about him being infinitely better than Peter Jackson (as discussed in the other thread. I think they are both extremely talented, but of course I give the upper hand to Nolan). Nolan is a true auteur, something that we don't see much today in film.

He is, simply put, my favorite director of all time. And he's a certified genius as far as I am concerned.

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As a kid I was a big Batman fan. He was the only relatable superhero (cause he had no special powers) and I always viewed him as sort of this tortured soul because of his parents death etc. The one thing I hated in all the movies, cartoons was how happy or confident he was shown to be. I always imagined if someone watched their parents murdered as a kid, they'd be haunted by it and would try to get revenge by any means necessary. Batman Begins captured the agony felt by Bruce Wayne. The first 30 minutes of the movie is just epic. The existentialist themes, the wonderful dialog were just awesome. Actually my expectations were really low for the film (I never liked the Burton or the Schumacher films), but I was pleasantly surprised. The Dark Knight was just absolutely fabulous :D Later I watched The Prestige and I loved it, especially because Tesla was shown as a genius and Edison for the thief he is ;) The whole theme of "obsession" really stood out to me and the twist towards the end just blew my mind! I later watched Insomnia, which though was no Dark Knight or Prestige was still really good in it's own right. I hate movies that have cookie cutter morals and I loved the moral ambiguity (for the most part) of Insomnia. It really is an underrated film.

I heard about Memento earlier (because of the number of remakes into Tamil, Telugu and later Hindi) but never watched it, because the Indian remakes left a bad taste. I'll definitely try to watch Memento and Following soon

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dagn96 wrote:It all started when I was born. My parents loved each ot- oops, too far back
damn i was going to do something like that.

anyways. it started with batman begins. didn't know the directors name at that point in my life. then after watching the dvd with the special features I became more aware of Nolan's existence. Then i bought Insomnia. i was intrigued when it said "A thriller of Hitchcockian proportions"". then I rented the prestige and loved it to death. no really i broke my original disc (after i rented it and bought my own copy) almost 3 days after i watched it. we had some great times *insert "Salisbury Hill"theme song here*.

after the prestige i finally decided to watch memento. after hearing about it on every nolan site on the internet i had to watch it. damn internet peer pressure. that movie is my favorite movie (in terms of thought processes. no movie has ever gotten me to think like that ever). then when TDK was being marketed like crazy. I just waited until it came out. and now i live, breath, and sleep christopher nolan.

zzzzzzZZzzzzzz Nolan ZzzzzzzzZZZZZZzzzZZZZzzzzz

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I heard Christopher Nolan's name before. Heard about his movies and also saw some parts of INSOMNIA. I was never interested to watch his movies and never really knew who he is or even how he looked like. Then I decided to watch THE DARK KNIGHT. I wanted to know the hype, marketing and craziness. Also, I wanted to show a respect to late Heath Ledger.

I have never been a fan of batman movie. My all time favorite super hero movie is - UNBREAKABLE. I also adore Spider Man and Iron Man. Batman was not my cup of tea.

Watching THE DARK KNIGHT, I saw a beauty in Nolan's film making. A magical difference than other directors. We all know how Steven Spielberg is or Mel Gibson. They have their special styles when it comes to film making. Chris Nolan's style fascinated me in one shot after TDK credit started roling. His vision is focused and its serious and I sensed it in the scenes, dialogues and his direction.

And one other thing that I like about C.Nolan is that in todays time he is the only director who wears a tie and suit on the sets. Is he? because I have not seen any director in today's time wearing tie suit and shoot a movie.

So yeah, C.Nolan is one of my favorite directors and can't wait to meet him in person some day. I like to write a script for him.

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