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Hello Everyone.

First off, I'm so glad I found this forum and it is great to be here! Over the past few days I was lurking around and finally decided to register. I'm a big fan of Nolan's movies. I've seen them all and I'm really excited about Dunkirk.

Anyway. I own all of his movies. Most of them on DVD. But I'd like to switch to Blue Ray. My question is are there any Collection Boxes available? I already checked out some websites classified adds online and found The Dark Knight Trilogy – 5 Disc Box Set on that website

Furthermore I found two more similar sets. Strangle they are both called “Christopher Nolan Director's Collection”. The first set includes Memento, Insomnia and Inception as well as the Dark Knight Trilogy. The second one contains Memento, Prestige and Inception and the DN-Trilogy as well. So they simply exchanged Insomnia for Prestige, which is a way better movie.

Are there any other known boxes or collections? I mean I would like to get my hands on the DN 5 Disc Set. I've read some reviews and they're awesome. All the extras seams to be a blast!

So does anybody here know if the other collection boxes contain any other extras, especially for the DN-Triology? Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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I own the Nolan Director's Collection with The Prestige, TDK trilogy and Inception actually. So yet another version. I had no clue that was a thing. And in my box set, the Dark Knight movies has five discs. One for Batman Begins and two for Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises. And there is a ton of extra material on them. I don't know if it's the same content as the Dark Knight edition you're talking about, but it could be.

In the box also comes an art book and a bunch of pictures from all the movies in a kind of post card format wich I've hung on the wall.

Edit: it's on bluray if anyone wondered

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So it's probably the same TDN-5-disc-set. That's good to know.

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The Dark Knight Trilogy deserves a better class of blu-ray

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